Hamam Hamam


The hammam is the original Turkish bath house. The tradition is thousands of years old and is widespread throughout the Orient. The hammam is a popular combination of a sweat bath, massage and other treatments. At the heart of the hammam is a very hot room with an abundance of water and a correspondingly high level of humidity. In the centre of the room there is usually a reclining surface, a marble-topped table, that is used for treatments. Traditionally the room is domed with the typical “glass eye” in the ceiling and the walls have niches with fountains for washing. Since facilities today are usually no longer separated by gender, the areas themselves are often separate. This allows more privacy for guests.

Temperature and humidity:

Temperature ca. 45-50°C
Humidity ca. 80-100% rel. humidity

Construction (solid construction):

The cabins today are built of extruded polystyrene elements. For optimum temperature control of the cabins, a particularly energy-efficient, hydronic heating system is integrated in the walls and benches. There is a wide range of ceramic and natural stone surfaces to choose from. A steam generator provides the necessary humidity.


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