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Wet Massage Table / 3-in-1 Massage Table

THE spa marvel. Wet massage, dry massage, soft packs or dry floats, the 3-in-1 Massage Table handles it all. This massage table fits into even the smallest space and provides for maximum functionality. Thanks to its adjustable height, the 3-in-1 Massage Table can be individually adapted to the therapist. The heated waterbed mattress is the basis for wellbeing. Not only is it easy on the back, hips and joints, but it also promotes deep muscle relaxation.

The table is multi-functional with its incorporated hand-held shower and drainage system. Wet massages such as soap massages, soap brush massages, peelings, oil massages and body wraps are easier to carry out. Quick, thorough cleaning of the surface makes the 3-in-1 table especially practical, as it is immediately available for further treatments.


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